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Environmental concerns beyond code red

UN report

In this UN report leading scientists state that the ecology of the world is unsustainable in the near horizon.

Of course few on this planet care at all that global starvation, pollution and disaster are just around the corner.

Whether I might concur with the findings or not is irrelevant.  What is worth great attention - the signs of global epic tragedy are everywhere.

Meteors and Comets
Nuclear tension and proliferation
BP oil spill
Political gridlock
Fiscal cliff
Unfunded liabilities
Downgraded credit risk
Mass death of global bankers
Mass death of fish, birds, bees, trees and the explosion of death and destruction (cancer, disease)
Sodom and Gomorrah
Celestial alignment
Israel surrounded
Mid East boiling over
Warnings Warnings Warnings
From the North pole to the movies coming out of Hollywood.
Hey who do you think will make the final four in the NCAA?  Seriously?

The point - something's going to pop, just like God told us - be ready.

All are separated from God's Holy Righteous perfect standard.

No one can reach God without someone perfect taking their destruction upon themselves.

Only one in the universe qualified.

He loves BIG and surrender His rightful glorious place in heaven, suffered humiliation and the most excruciating death imaginable in your place. 

Every sin fully and completely paid for.  All of it.

All who acknowledge these simple truths and submit the rule of their lives to His Lordship will be spared the coming wrath.

I believe it highly likely that most who read this will have missed the first train so to speak.

7 years of he'll on earth are right in front of us.  A great percentage who begin the 7 years will not survive it.

At some point, people in their fear will surrender more freedom and band together with some type of imbedded/tattooed tracking device / identification chip / debit card.

At some point the terms will change.  You either hit accept and state that the global president is god or you forfeit your ability to buy or sell.

One you put your hope and faith in this mere mortal then you have stepped over a line of no return.  When you deny the One True God for a demonic leader then your fate is sealed.

Acknowledge God, Submit to Him and He will save you.  It may very well cost you your life, but you are the walking dead anyway.

If you disagree argue.  If you have questions ask them, but you are out of time to wait another moment.

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  1. I believe that the 'Mark' will be more than just a tracking/debit chip device. My current thinking is that this device could extend human life/cure disease and thus making it easy for people to want to accept it not knowing that it is the 'Mark'. Remember that the Bible says that Satan and the AC will come with all power and signs and lying wonders. It would make sense that the AC will state he is the one true god because he can cure disease/extend life with his technology! Whatever it is, it will be a great deception!

  2. I tend to agree "they will seek death, but it will not be found".



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