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Dr. Dwight Pentecost

There has been some discussion in various circles that Ariel Sharon and Billy Graham's deaths would proceed the rapture.  I don't know what to thing about that.  Of course Ariel Sharon died in January.

I do know spiritual giants and many prophecy watches, Chuck Colson, Grant Jeffery, Chuck Smith and now Dr. Dwight Pentecost have each passed from death to life.

Dr. Pentecost was one of the very first to see where we are on the clock.  His book on prophecy "Things to come" is a revered  classic.

That day will come for each of us and be all accounts, Christ is at the door.

Be ready.  Tell someone of the patient love of the coming King.
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  1. We have friends near our home who were dear friends with Dr. Dwight Pentecost and provided for his care during the last years of his life. He died yesterday. All of their birds died in the night. Weird. Hosea 4:3



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