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while we continue to wait another landslide claims 2,000 lives.  almost daily 6.x and 7.x earthquakes have become common.  Sinkholes are now common (Baltimore) as are fish deaths (did you here about the Blue Whale carcass that washed up. in BC Canada?). 

Two more earthquakes last night.  both 6.x.

Did you see last week the note that 2 million stars were flung out of the galaxy?  Wierd. Don't see that every day.

Bus size asteroid near earth miss.

Guthrie Oklahoma is on fire.

Lakes everywhere are very low.  Rain is missing from the U.S. West.  Summer is coming.

Bee populations decimated.

Stocks way too high.   Debt monumental.

Russia-Ukrainian invasion soon.  Certainly the Bear is back and ready to assume her role in Ezekiel 38 and 39 - the war of Armageddon, although it is few years away.

peace talks are dead.  the psalms 83 stage is set, as is Isaiah 17 and a host of others.

be ready.  tell someone.
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