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Iceland quakes

Volcano may blow


Iceland, California, Chile and Peru are shaking.

Both U.S. coasts have big waves breaking.

In the east storms and rain are flooding.

In the west drought and fire are blazing.

The U.S. is failing.

Russia is invading (Ukraine and threatening Finland)

China tells us they aren't playing (disturbance over U.S. military too close)

Our debts are monumental, growing and we ain't paying.

Fukushima is radiating.

Fish and birds are dying and suffocating.

The oceans are full of plastic trash and the animals flailing.

Israels time is waning.

Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt are surrounding.

Isis is terrorizing, killing and maiming.

Iran nukes are preparing.

The "peace" treating is nearing (Egypt announces suggested 5-7 year deal).

Another series of massive data security has been takin (Chase, Target, and the Russians got millions of accounts).  One world currency is nearing.

Hell is opening its mouth to be receiving (sinkholes, fissures, everywhere).

Pestilence is proceeding (Ebola, Sars and others)

The heavens are declaring link (Blood moon tetrad, 2017 Revelation 12..., Siberian meteor).

and on and on ... thailand tsunami, katrina, rita, BP petroleum, 2010 california whale in israel...

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