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Last hour

Last hour - J.D. Farag

Franklin Graham - we're in the last moments
J.D. Farag - last moments NOW!
Ezekiel 38-39 aligned - Russia
Israel will not agree - Gaza
Nightmare scenario - based in reality (Revelation 6-19)
Meteor buzzes earth
9/11 warnings from Saudi Arabia, Germany, U.K. and others
Significant storms across central and eastern U.S.
Dallas Texas on September 11th, 2014 the high temperature forecast is 78 degrees. Seriously-strange
Ebola virus out of control (CDC and WHO afraid/freaked out)
Hawaii volcano
Yellowstone seismographic events
Iceland earthquakes and volcano
Palestinian two state solution pressure (note the recent earthquakes and hurricanes)
Zechariah 12
Zechariah 14
1 Thessalonians 5:3
Psalms 83
Isaiah 17
Jeremiah 49
Peace and security-sudden destruction
Rosh 2014 days away
It can't be more than a handful of years.
Things are aligning, they won't stay aligned indefinitely.
Leaders, countries and circumstances come and go.
If you read God's word, you can clearly see the warnings.
Tell someone.
Be ready.


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