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Merry Christmas

As you are certainly aware Gary and I have slowed down our blogging significantly.

Mainly because we haven't been seeing many more pointers to the date of our departure or new fulfillments.

Damascus destruction

Although the tenor of the world is certainly in perfect alignment with the environment predicted long ago, it seems at least for the moment there is a lull

God is patient.  Signs have been given and the door has not quite closed.

His return is certainly momentary.

The 2015 U.S. economic collapse seems a near certainty.

The tetrad is underway.

At least for the moment our job continues to be staying on task with our commission.

I don't see us still here in another year, but regardless I am to stay on mission.

The signs have been given. 

He is at the door.

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  1. One huge shoe will be dropping that will impact the globe and it will not be too much longer. I believe many things will converge prophetically in 2015 that will hasten the things that bring on the Abomination of Desolation. We know anti-christ is on the scene for that. The Jubilee year is 2017 (gained Jerusalem in 1967) and also the 70th birthday of the Nation of Israel (in the land). What will be happening with Temple Mount itself is coming in to view as well. We just keep watching as our Master told us to do and keep each other encouraged as we wait for that Blessed Hope. God bless you for the encouragement to the body that you are here at Unsealed.org.

  2. amen to the above comment. tony, Vt.



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