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Gay Marriage Finally Goes to the Supreme Court



Case will be argued in April, decided around late June.  I firmly believe that God may view this case as the United States' final answer to Him.  The question is simple: does the United States choose God's way or its own way.  His Word is abundantly and unequivocally clear about how they should decide this case.

Prayer warriors unite in pleading with God for our nation to turn back to Him and for the hearts and minds of the nine justices to be contrite, holy, and trembling at His Word.  Pray that they would decide based on God's will rather than their own.

We have only 4-6 months, so get your knees dirty.

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  1. Certainly aligns with the Shemeta year. The Isaiah 9:10 (September 7th, 2015) America's judgment. And a host of other 2015 alignments. God is not mocked. 240 days out. Be ready.

  2. Could very well be... this case will be decided probably just 2 months before Rosh. I'm praying for national repentance and more time for more to come to know.

  3. As in the days of Noah....

    It is noteworthy that the only other time in earth's history when homosexuals actually pushed to be married (wanting a sacred "blessing" [excuse] for their abomination) was in the days of Noah according to some ancient Hebrew writings. Things have come full circle and we are seeing the end loom large because Jesus the Christ will be coming soon to judge the world.

    As in the days of Noah, indeed....

  4. Anonymous - you are correct. Romans 1:20-ff.



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