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Nuclear leak

Ocean - Blood Red

Probably not (they say):

-- not to be a negative doom and gloom naysayer, but I was struck by this morning's TVA nuclear radiation accident and those who said the leak was contained and is probably not a problem.

We at unsealed have been quiet since the end of the 2014 Fall feast season as the news have been quiet.  Absent are the major headlines that clearly demonstrate His soon return.

What continues is a world moving towards a precipice of disaster.

Canary Islands Volcano and Tsunami

Fukushima radiation


Mexico City Volcano

In addition:

Dropping the price of oil substantially (the main stay of the Russian economy) will probably not put Putin in a corner and cause The Bear and the Iranian's to work together to take oil away from Israel and lead to the battle or Gog and Magog, but of course that's what God tells us will happen.

The recent introduction of a proposal from the PA to sanction Israel will not be a problem as they are completely surrounded.  We probably won't have a problem, because they are small and very out manned and out armed.  Except of course that the Covenant God made a vow in Genesis 12 - don't mess with Israel.

I pray I'm not here, but the day is fast approaching when the Economics will collapse under the weight of staggering debt, fear and uncertainty.

The day is fast approaching when the church is removed, the earthquakes rattle, the volcanoes blow, the radiation leaks, the wars begin and the meteors fall.

Or probably not................

Be ready - not for your bunker, but for the encounter with the HOLY ONE.

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