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33AD & 2015AD: Spring Feasts' Quadruple Alignments

This year there is an amazing alignment of Hebrew and Gregorian days with 33AD (the likely year of Christ's death and resurrection):

Passover 33AD: Nisan 14 / April 3rd / Friday
Passover 2015AD: Nisan 14 / April 3rd / Friday

First Fruits & EASTER 33AD: Nisan 16 / April 5th / Sunday
First Fruits & EASTER 2015AD: Nisan 16 / April 5th / Sunday

The quadruple alignment this year:

1. Passover dates in both calendars
2. First Fruits dates in both calendars
3. Easter & First Fruits dates (since Easter on our calendar doesn’t always align with First Fruits)
4. Blood moons (lunar eclipses) on Passover in 33AD and 2015AD (albeit the 2015 eclipse is one day later)

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  1. isn't this all just like the Lord? He has so kept track of everything and He lines it all up so remarkably so that no man can manipulate His calendar-His Plan. He is right on course, right on time, right on the very verge now of fulfilling the remaining end days prophecies. and to the letter. His math always adds up ;) . we must stay humble and ready *watching for our Bridegroom* our lamps full of oil-our eyes fixed on the horizon. He will do great and mighty things that we know not of, but ours is to pray to the Lord of the Harvest. there are still souls to win and the Spirit knows who and where they are. may the eyes of our hearts be keen to let Him show us the path to walk and lead us with holy boldness to give that ready answer for the hope that lies within us, the Gospel shared freely, though it bring persecution--because the time is short. very short and getting shorter! thank you for the encouragement to stay on point......and keep looking up!

  2. Hey Andre, thank you for your thoughts! The Lord is a God of symmetry, order, and perfection. To me it only makes sense that these patterns would appear so perfectly as we get close.



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