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37% of all French are anti-semitic: Video shows what happens when Jewish man takes a walk around Paris

We really are close.  World opinion is becoming increasingly in-line with ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and Iran, in regards to killing Jews and going against Israel.  See video:

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  1. I'm really sorry to see this. Of all people-the French! Known to be open minded and accepting. If I didn't believe in satan, this would convince me he is real. Jews who love and believe in God, know since the beginning of time, Jehovah has given them all the land mentioned in the Bible. Jews are a fine, soft spoken ,moral people because they have a fine moral God. They are sober minded and dignified for the most part, yet the people you defend are completely the opposite, and they lie without a thought. Their morals are non existent. It makes no sense unless you bring in satan, who hates Jews with a white hot hatred.



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