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Current Antichrist Candidates

This list is a run-down of the key figures we are watching with great suspicion.  Basic biographical information is shown and reasons given why any of them might fit the role of the antichrist.  While the antichrist might come from this list, it is also entirely possible he might not come from this list at all, so we urge our readers to keep their eyes wide open and their minds fervently fixed on God's Word.  The antichrist will not be unequivocally revealed until after the rapture (2 Thessalonians 2:3, 7-8) or after the Abomination of Desolation.  There is also growing speculation that the antichrist might be a fallen angel or Nephilim or some sort of spiritual entity that arrives after the War in Heaven described in Revelation 12.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Title & Position: Caliph Ibrahim; founder and leader of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS)

Age: 45 years old (possibly deceased)

Born: Samarra, Iraq, in the area of ancient Assyria

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: "The Assyrian", Daniel 11:37 (rejects YHWH and has multiple wives), rabidly anti-semitic and anti-Christian, beheads enemies, controls ancient Assyria, rejects Christ

Notes: The Bible refers to "the Assyrian" who would go up against Israel.  If "the Assyrian" is the latter days' antichrist, then al-Baghdadi's prospects go up substantially.  ISIS has become the most successful terrorist organization in human history, taking control of large swaths of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Sinai.  More Islamic groups join his cause every day.  His followers frequently kill enemies by beheading, much like the antichrist of Revelation.


Alexis Tsipras

Title & Position: Prime Minister of Greece

Age: 42 years old

Born: Greece in the area of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine empires

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Very close match of Daniel 11:37, many anti-Israel statements and positions, born in the area of "the people of the prince who is to come", rejects Christ, the Greek Antiochus IV Epiphanes would be a fitting foreshadowing

Notes: A sudden appearance, only a couple years ago was considered a militant communist nobody, but is now the wildly popular Prime Minister of Greece.  He is an atheist (no regard for any god - Daniel 11:37) and also living in a non-marital relationship with a woman ("or regard for the desire of women").  He has two children, one named after the god Apollo, and the other after the pagan prophet Orpheus.  Young, attractive, and charismatic, he carries much of the same messiah-appeal in Greece as Obama did in the United States after his first election.  For the first time in modern history he refused to follow the traditional Christian swearing-in ceremony.  He was essentially elected with one purpose: to roll back austerity in Greece.  If he succeeds, his popularity will skyrocket and he could be set for a grand entrance into a large leadership position in the EU.


Barack Obama

Title & Position: President of the United States

Age: 55 years old

Born: Either Hawaii or Mombasa, Kenya, on the 9th of Av

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Many anti-Israel statements and positions, appears to reject John 14:6/Acts 4:12, Roman ancestry through his mother, came as the "peacemaker" ("by peace will destroy many")

Notes: Once the leader of the most-powerful military force on the planet, he has supported some of the most ungodly causes all around the planet including abortion, gay marriage, media hedonism, dictatorial executive privilege, Palestine, the Muslim Brotherhood, and on.  There also exists an air of deception around him with numerous "my Muslim faith" gaffes, anti-Israel statements, and seeming underhanded support for Islamic militants in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.  At one time said that the Muslim call to prayer is "the most beautiful sound in the world" and wears a golden ring with the Shahada (Muslim declaration of faith).  Obama has also publicly mocked the Bible, specifically Leviticus.  However, he may be past his prime and is no longer president.


Emmanuel Macron

Title & Position: President of France, Prince of Andorra

Age: 39 years old

Born: Amiens, France

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Supports dividing the land of Israel, appears to reject John 14:6/Acts 4:12, Roman ancestry through both sides of his family, claims the title of "Jupiter", which was the chief pagan god (Daniel 11:36-37), fits the personality mold

Notes: He is the leader of one of the two most powerful countries in the E.U., the only technical "prince" on this list (see Daniel 9:26), unquestionably of Roman ancestry, pays homage to Rome and Roman gods and satirically calls himself "Jupiter", born on Israel's birthday, came to power in the very year the Tribulation might begin, and won the election with 66.06% of the vote.  He is still very much a mystery.  Macron may fit with Daniel 11:38 more than anyone on this list for a ton of scholars and commentaries recognize the "god of fortresses/strongholds" as none other than the Roman god Jupiter (see here).


Jared Kushner

Title & Position: Senior Advisor to the President, de facto Chief Negotiator for Middle East Peace

Age: 36 years old

Born: Livingston, NJ

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah (1 John 4:3, 2 John 1:7), possibly fulfills an alternative ancestral view of who the antichrist might be as an Orthodox Jew who will fulfill the Torah and claim to be the Jewish Messiah, possible Roman ancestry as well through various European family ties, apparently supports dividing the land of Israel

Notes: Donald Trump's son in law remains mostly a mystery, but he has risen in the ranks of world power very quickly.  He caught the attention of the Bible prophecy community for two reasons.  First, he was appointed by President Trump to lead the U.S. effort to make a final status agreement between Israel and Palestine.  He has since made two separate trips to the Middle East, which are largely shrouded in mystery.  His second trip occurred around the time of the Jubilee celebrations in Jerusalem and the 70th prophetic year anniversary of Israel.  Second, in 2007, Kushner purchased the tower at 666 Fifth Avenue for $600 + $600 + $600 million dollars.  Just coincidence?


Javier Solana

Title & Position: Former Secretary-General of the WEU, NATO, and the Council of the EU

Age: 74 years old

Born: Spain, the area of the old Roman empire

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Many anti-Israel statements and positions, direct Roman ancestry, atheist (Daniel 11:37), at one time leader of the WEU military alliance of 10 European nations (thought to be the 10 horns), rejects Christ

Notes: At one time all eyes were on him, and he was directly connected to the number "666" in a slue of ways.  Though many pieces fit, it does appear he is way past his prime--his time may have come and gone.


Justin Trudeau

Title & Position: Prime Minister of Canada

Age: 45 years old

Born: Ottawa, Canada

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Direct Roman ancestry (Daniel 9:26), anti-Zionist, pro-global government, promotes lawlessness and immorality (2 Thessalonians 2:3; see here), leader of the northernmost country on earth (some scholars argue the "king of the north" is the antichrist).

Notes: His full name is quite interesting, too: Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Peter (Pierre) and James were the top two leaders of the early Church. He named one of his sons Hadrien (French version of Hadrian), which is the name of the Emperor Hadrian who ruled from 117 to 138. Emperor Hadrian was one of two emperors considered the forerunners of antichrist (the other being Nero) because Hadrian desecrated the site of the temple by erecting a temple to the supreme pagan god Jupiter directly over the ruins of the Biblical temple. Hadrian is also the one responsible for renaming the land of Israel to 'Palestina' in 135 AD (Palestina is the Latin version of Philistia, the chief enemy of ancient Israel).  Spelling variations of the French name "Trudeau" include Trudon and Trudel, either of which would make the number of letters in his name 6, 6, and 6: Justin (6) Pierre (6) Trudon/Trudel (6).


King Abdullah II

Title & Position: King of Jordan

Age: 55 years old

Born: Amman, Jordan

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Many anti-Israel statements and positions, amazingly both Roman ancestry though his mother and Assyrian ancestry through his father, rejects Christ & YHWH (Daniel 11:37), was literally a prince, his country is physically sandwiched between the potential kings of the north and south of Bible prophecy

Notes: He is relatively young and charismatic.  Interestingly, his command of the English world lingua franca is better than his Arabic.  He is seen as peaceful and progressive and uniquely popular in both the West and the Muslim world.  What makes him standout is that he is the direct descendant and the closest living relative to Muhammad himself.  His probability went up considerably most recently with threats of invading Iraq to drive out ISIS.  Iraq is the seat of ancient Babylon.  He also happens to be the technical custodian of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which would give him power and persuasive influence to suggest rebuilding the Jewish Temple.


Tayyip Erdogan

Title & Position: President of Turkey

Age: 63 years old

Born: Istanbul, Turkey, in the area of the old Roman empire, a city known for its seven hills (like Rome and Jerusalem)

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Many anti-Israel and anti-semitic statements and positions, Roman ancestry, ancestry of the troops that sacked the Temple in 70 AD, boasting many great things, no regard for YHWH (Daniel 11:37), rejects Christ

Notes: Turkey, once considered the most moderate Muslim country in the world elected its first Islamist since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  Having been in power for a number of years, Erdogan has effectively purged the pro-Western Kemalists from both the government and the military.  He has made numerous threats on Israel and has made off-hand comments about the reestablishment of the Caliphate and Turkey's leadership role in a future alliance.  Recently noteworthy was the opening of his personal presidential palace, "The White Palace", that is one of if not the biggest palace in human history.  Perhaps most importantly is that he is from the area that likely produced many of the troops involved in the sack of the Temple in 70 AD, many scholars regard the leader and description of Gog/Magog in Ezekiel 38 as referring not to Russia, but to Turkey (if Ezekiel 38-39 and Armageddon are not separate battles, but the same, this would likely make Gog antichrist, and Erdogan the likeliest candidate).  He is currently trying to pass the "kingmaker" bill in the National Assembly, which would give him significant power to stifle all dissent.


Vladimir Putin

Title & Position: President of the Russian Federation

Age: 64 years old

Born: Leningrad, Russia

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Supports dividing Israel, appears like the rider on the white horse who sets out to conquer

Notes: Putin is probably the least likely candidate on the list for two reasons.  The first is that it is possible, but highly unlikely that he has Roman ancestry and completely unlikely that he has Assyrian ancestry.  Secondly, at least outwardly he has positioned himself as the only person on the list who supports Christian values and the Church, though this support does appear to be inch deep.  His likelihood goes up if Russia is indeed Gog/Magog (leader of the Ezekiel 38 coalition) and the battle is Armageddon rather than a separate earlier battle.  Eyes have been on him lately because of the conquest of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine, in addition to support for Iran and Syria.


Zoltan Istvan

Title & Position: Founder of the Transhumanist Party and candidate for U.S. President

Age: 44 years old

Born: Los Angeles, California

Matching Biblical descriptors of antichrist: Direct Roman ancestry (Daniel 9:26), atheist (Daniel 11:37), rejects Christ (1 John 2:22), false messianic tendencies including offering his followers eternal life through "transhumanism", anti-Zionist, pro-global government

Notes: His first, middle, and last names each have six letters.  He effectually denounces all forms of morality, calling morality "chains" (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3).  He idolizes science and technology in possible fulfillment of Daniel 11:38 and he voluntarily had his hand implanted with an RFID chip (see here), which uniquely connects him with a possible implementation of the Mark of the Beast.

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  1. What are your thoughts on this - http://whitehorsemedia.com/articles/?d=42


    Is antichrist many people or one?

    1. There will be many"antichrists" (spirit of antichrist) that will emerge during the last days and there will be THE Antichrist

      18Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
      1 John 2:18

    2. Hey the world is going to worship me and I will make sure I'm the world leader I have signed the peace treaty with Israel now and the Palestinians now bow to me world

    3. Bullshit.

  2. IMHO, only 1 man. Only one time are multiple antichrists referred to and in that instance the epistle writer is specifically trying to explain that these lesser antichrists are predecessors of THE antichrist. Everywhere else the Bible refers to a single male: the antichrist, the prince who is to come, the man of sin, the man of lawlessness, etc. That author Steve bothers me because on his website he makes a practice of shooting things down, i.e. the rapture, the antichrist, etc.

  3. A very likely candidate can very well be Erdogan simply because there are two cities in Turkia literally named Gog and Magog. notice Jerusalem pinpoint true North it points to Turkia not Russia Turkia is rising fast in world politics and Erdogan could possibly sway all muslim support to be the Great Mahdi he so far is the best candidate to look at.

  4. at one time I had a picture of Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre Trudeau's alpha romeo sports car with the custom (you have to pay to get that one) licence plate: 666.
    Daddy is dead....
    but we know how he thought!

    1. If you happen to come across that again, I would love to take a look. Unsealed.org@gmail.com

  5. By: https://www.facebook.com/ChristianityAndTheGayAgenda/?ref=settings

    None of the above candidates will qualify: The person is closely related to this story (it is directly related to the book of daniel; he will enter peaceably because he will use Terrorist/rebels as UN troops): http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/07/world/middleeast/aleppo-syria-staffan-de-mistura.html?_r=0

    1. And here they GO: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/07/middleeast/syria-aleppo-conflict/index.html

    2. Trudeau is thew Antichrist

    3. On July 24th 2020 Turkish President Erdogan was officially revealed as the Antichrist when he sat in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul Turkey exalting himself above all of Christendom.

  6. I hope it's not King Abdullah. I actually like him.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Good list! As believers on the watch, we should know who it is by whoever forces the agreement to divide the Land of the Everlasting Covenant......I am watching to see if the office of the Quartet that was vacated when Tony Blair resigned gets filled in the near future.....my bet is on Barry O!

  8. http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/apps/blog/show/43742108-like-father-like-son

    they possibly have the same car, or maybe just the same model

    trou (hole) d'eau (of water) Trudeau = water hole

    1. http://driving.ca/auto-news/news/prime-ministerial-cars-a-look-at-our-leaders-rides

      same car, it was passed on as were other things...

  9. Lordgodjesuschrist only knoweth amen

  10. Several years ago there was a book called the antichrist and a cup of tea. Any reason why prince Charles of wales does not make this list?

  11. I am amazed that Prince William was not included!!! The English royals come from the house of david and the nephilim mixed. They are evil personified, the carry out satanic blood rituals and are massively into the occult/freemasonry. He looks so innocent, but did you know his face is a perfect match for the shroud of turin and they will probably claim bloodlines??? He is from the roman empire and very high profile. The queen and the pope run everything, and he is soon to be king. The queen is even talking about stepping down but doesn't want to hand over to charles. Moreover, Diana was drafted in to have Diana in his bloodlines (Female goddess worship), there are pictures of him holding a lamb but lifting up its cloven foot to the camera and a million other reasons why. This angelic young man who is widely loved already and looks so docile I believe is probably the strongest contender and the jews will accept him as he is from the house of david. Just my opinion but he should definitely be included in the list. God bless.

  12. Replies
    1. The one for the position, will be loved and even adored, I do not believe Mr.Trump qualify for the position, think about how people loved Obama, only as an example. Even though Mr. Obama was all the time a deceiver. All people still loved him. I do not believe Mr. Obama is the Antichrist, nor is Mr. Trump, but Mr. Obama has a lot more attributes. I just made this parallel for didactic. God bless you.

    2. verse and chapter and book where it says they love him?

    3. Trump is the obvious front-runner, so this site is a deflection.

  13. These idiots don't even consider the only guy with the antichrist title: the pope!

    1. Sir the
      pope is The False

    2. The pope does not qualify sir, for John said that his ``listeners`` could calculate the name of the person at the end of the first century, and the Catholic church only came to be on the third century, that almost completely removes the chance for the pope. God bless you and have a nice day. The pope does not qualify for the false prophet either. The book of revelation talks about two beasts one from coming out of the water and one that comes from the land. The water speaks about peoples, languages and nations that mean he comes from the gentile world and what stands a the land in the bible is the nation of Israel for that reason the false prophet should be a jew. That is what I was able to comprehend from the bible.

  14. What I find interesting is how little we know about luigi Di maio Italian leader of the Five Start Movement.

    Try googling his name and add AntiChrist. You see no entries... As if google may be removing results.

    Very interesting background and fits

  15. Gary, any chance of (or need to) update or add to this article? I have been keeping tabs on this often, and tying back any news I read about the men listed within. Today I saw Jared Kushner mentioned in an article,


    It just made me curious whether these men are still viable possibilities (I'm sure they are in some way shape or form), but is there anything that could be added to increase their likelihood of being THE Antichrist? Thank you.

  16. I do think the first thing is to understand that the Battle of Armageddon and the battle of Gog/Magog they are two separated events. The Battle of Armageddon will happen on the second coming of Christ and the battle of Gog/Magog will happen after the millennial Kingdom they have at least 1000 years between them. When we talk about Gog/Magog we do not talk about an alliance of nations, but yes Gog was the king of the land of Magog. When we read Revelations 20:7-10. It says that after the 1000 years Satan will be released and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth--Gog and Magog.That precludes any nation in particular. All nations on earth will have people participating in this war. I heard a lot of preaching on the subject until I heard a preaching by a Brazilian Preacher called: Alexandre Rodrigues from the ministry called "De volta a Palavra" that translated w'd be " Back to the Word". He has an understanding that by far is better than anybody else I had the opportunity to listen to on the whole book of Revelation. There was a brother that said that the antichrist is the pope, if the antichrist were the pope how could have John who is the scribe of the book of Revelation have said that the people from his time could calculate his name using the the "Gematria", that time there was no Catholic Church even less a pope. This disqualify the pope and the Catholic Church. When John wrote the book of revelation it was to be sent to the seven churches of that time, and of course it was also destined for all God's people through all history. We also need to understand that the antichrist will have two different personalities one for the first three and half years and another one after his death and resurrection for the remaining three and a half years( or 1260 days or time times and half a time ) the book of Revelations tells us that he is going to be the seventh king who is to come and when he comes he has to last a little while(that's three and a half years) He will be killed and will be resurrected when he comes back to life even-though he was the seventh king, now he becomes the eighth king. That means people will see the same body, but the spirit that now resides in him came from the abyss where he presently is. This is in revelation 17:09-11. Hope this can help. If anybody wants to hear more go to Youtube: "De volta a palavra" they have in English and Portuguese. Hope The Lord will bless us all in Jesus' name amen.

  17. King Abdullah is King of Jordan. Jordan will be a SAFE HAVEN from the antichrist for fleeing Jews. So scratch Abdullah off that list. I would be interested in seeing the next German Leader after Merkel, or look up Valiant Thor, it is striking similarites of this demonic "alien" who came, comes, and will come back when the time is right to make peace on Earth. THIS COULD BE IT>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-7kE8JPwtk

  18. Emmanuel Macron seems like the most likely candidate for Antichrist...the new Pope being the false prophet. Study these two characters...Google...media.. pretty chilling.

  19. The bible says the antichrists name is apollo. Rev 9:11 . apollyon

  20. The possible anti-christ, zoltan, is anti-zionist? that disqualifies him. the anti-christ will be an israel loving zionist. ffs people, 1 thessalonians 2:14-15, John 8:44, Exodus 33:5, Revelations 2:9 and 3:9.

    The fricking israeli's will be the ones to usher in the anti-christ and accept him as their messiah. how daft are you jew loving people?

    1. It is you that is daft, and a racist to boot. It was never a Jewish conspiracy. You have lots of homework to do.

  21. My money is on Kuehner, hisbrise to power is astronomical, Nikki Halley called him a hidden genius that Boone understands,Chris Christie said there is no one with more influence over Trump. Kushner is working on a peace treaty with Israel, is Jewish, has a magnetic influence over important people and lavished praise for someone so young and coming out of nowhere, no precious political experience... Also for a long time was hard to find footage of him speaking but there are some more now but he is very soft-spoken almost unassuming, you wouldn't think much of him...

  22. Based on what is happening now maybe the Anti-Christ is not even a person. Instead try the COVID-19 pandemic?

    1. Cannot be, the bible says it's a man who has a number. He, He, He, that is to reflect on, a He is a person not a pandemic or anything else. He is the Son of Perdition.

  23. The person who is the Anti-christ will not like woman. Do any one these men fit that? He is Jewish. Charismatic. He will be satan in the flesh. LORD helps us.

    1. Yes, I believe He does address some of that with some or at least one of these on this list.

  24. On your next update take a look at the current Head of the European Bank, Mario Draghi. He last naem literally means dragons. He is supposedley some master of monetary policy. Just a thought... By the way, would you do an updated page and encourage people to work on their Left Behind notes, letters and and other data. Here is a downloadable manual that could/should be emailed to every church in order for them to start a "Left behind Ministry". http://watchmansview.com/Rapture_Left_Behind_files/Tribulation%20Survival%20Guide.pdf

  25. With Barrack obama the same day or the day after he's nomination has President in he's county the lottery number (pick 6) was 666 777 thats really strange

  26. The antichrist is revealed. It is here now. I know who it is. Little horn. He will recover from a head wound is not literal. It means he will recover from losing his head or leadership. Then he will bring world peace which will be done through 1st being reinstated as US president. Then, showing everyone the treason crimes and crimes against humanity. He will be exalted by the world by showing the pandemic was all a lie and start to reverse the effects of the vaccine poison. once exalted he will boast proudly for 42 months, about 3 and a half years. the remainder of this current 4 year term. the last TRUMP and little horn refer to the same person. This all has been planned. from Adams fall from grace to know is almost 6000 years. God showed us the end from the very beginning. Jesus will return soon. but the antichrist is trying to claim the bridegroom before his return by killing off most of the worlds population through the mark of the beast which is indeed the shot/jab. Why? what is in between the forehead or hand? the shoulder. How many shots do most get? 2. 2 points that equal the hand and the head. cannot buy or sell without the MA'R'K or MA'S'K. Corona means crown. Do not lose your crown in the end times says the bible. so the crown virus or corona virus is here to steal your crown. How? Jesus said in the end it will be like the times of Noah. In Noahs time there were nephellim. Non humans. MRNA changes your DNA. So will the holy spirit recognize you as human after the shot? remember the big wail heard around the world when a spirit came to each home. Whomever didnt have the lambs blood covering their doors lost their 1st born. Not saved by the lambs covering will result in being not a part of god grace through the shedding of his sons blood. This will start in August 2021. Watchers already know. This is why the enemy is rushing to get everyone vaccinated. Those that accept the mark of the beast will not be in the lambs book of life and will be permanently blotted out. Be ready. When you see the election reversed and the military take over of the US then it starts.

    1. Good grief, pick up a real bible and read it. You are way off base. And here it is August 2021 and none of this is happening. Geez.

    2. Well we are already past the half year mark.

  27. In my humble opinion,I don't think we're going to see him/her coming. In other words I think he/she will sneak in the back door and quietly work his/her deeds. To pigeon-hole the antiChrist into a set and strict set of criteria is to be caught looking.

  28. Well I’m seeing Trump, we’ll as….something, so far many present day prophets are saying he will come back into power. Could this be a good thing or bad thing?I’m just trusting the Lord Jesus Christ He will make all things right. We just need to keep our Faith in Him and God our Father. Bless you all. He is Faithful!

  29. Well I’m seeing Trump, we’ll as….something, so far many present day prophets are saying he will come back into power. Could this be a good thing or bad thing?I’m just trusting the Lord Jesus Christ He will make all things right. We just need to keep our Faith in Him and God our Father. Bless you all. He is Faithful!

  30. These are politicians not antichrist figures.. But the Lawless one is among them. BagdaddyO is dead so that leaves him out. Try the Maitreya from Share international

  31. Certain nominees for anti-christ & reasons I don’t think they qualify~

    President Trump ~ not charming enough, too many don’t like him
    Jared Kushner ~ lacks charisma, correct origins though
    B.Obama ~ known failure, some think charming but too many see him for real
    O’biden ~ cognitively compromised & very stupid, correct connections
    Billary Clinton ~ currently they have both aged out & physically unattractive
    Geo. W. Bush ~ not smart enough, stooge
    Dick Cheney ~ currently aged out, evil children
    Naz! P!glosi ~ currently aged out, too unattractive
    Prince William ~ no charisma
    Prince Harry ~ too stupid
    Prince Charles ~ aging out & not bright, very unattractive
    Prince Andrew ~ known ped0, not very bright
    Queen Liz ~ aged out
    Various mohamodin “leaders” ~ not bright & extremely unattractive
    Justin Trudeau ~ not bright enough, correct lines as Castro’s illegitimate child
    Vlad Putin ~ aging out, not savvy



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