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Good read.  Very long.
(I didn't finish it)
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  1. it's two-fold. God is slow to anger and merciful (while the signs steadily progress) giving humanity space to repent and turn to Him but...He is also building His case against this evil world and (right on schedule) He will bring down His wrath upon it. what Grace cannot humble, Judgment must befall. we must keep short accounts with the LORD and keep our eyes on HIM. there are miracles happening today and there are signs in the heavens so much evidence that God is very active in the world yet God is not mocked and scoffers abound in our day. so very very many hearts are hard and ears are dull-the spirit of slumber is upon the church in this laodicean age. that is why so many think God is 'slow' or not even working at all but this is very wrong and these have little to no faith. When wrath comes it will be swift like it was upon the unbelieving of the wilderness. He sent them the quail..(however).....while the meat was yet between their teeth...numbers 11:33

  2. see you there Andrea, in Christ Jesus! i am soo excited and happy. this is tony, bless you my wonderful sister and friend in the Lord*



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