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Another big day - refrain from dad

Netanyahu -

Would like to say that I’m surprised. Netanyahu was down in the polls. In Israel there is widespread dissatisfaction with the high cost of defense, the deep hunger for peace and a strong push to find someone who will make a deal for peace. I thought someone less stringent would be elected, opening a rapid run towards a misguided peace deal. Grateful for Israel #Genesis12, hungry for another sign of His imminent return. I should be hungrier to share the good news. Maranatha.

Solar Storm -


California down to 1 year supply of water

Wow. (I can say this backwards as well).

What are the odds God is going to let His west coast children die of thirst? I'm no prosperity preacher. 11 of the 12 apostles died for His name. He certainly sent Judah to Babylon for 70 years. So who knows. I pray that more and more my life is defined by a willingness to lay it all down for Him (preaches better than I live it). Part of me knows His patience is hard to fathom (2 Peter 3:9) - suffering of billions, so that someone can have an opportunity at eternity in His presence is not too high a price. We can wait. On the other hand the more improbably the sustainability of life on this planet, the more I realize there is a reason where hitting the end of this train track.

Water - NBC News / NASA

Financial Markets -

The Dow is starting to have more down days than good and the swings getting more pronounced. Link (look at the 1 year graph) --- It only takes a spark...

Presbyterians adopt gay marriage into their constitution

100 flights diverted or cancelled (Costa Rita Volcano) http://azeridaily.com/news/5901

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  1. Actually, I think that Netanyahu's landslide will bring out the haters even more.
    Obama absolutely hates him and will aggressively push all the buttons to make the whole despicable "peace process" speed up and he has many others to jump on that bandwagon.
    I think things just got really ramped up, but we'll see.

  2. I agree with that sentiment. Netanyahu is now on record saying "there will be no Palestinian state". I would put my money on the United States finally dropping its financial and political support for Israel... and I believe Obama will do it soon. Thinks are about to ramp WAY up.



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