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Check List

In case you're keeping a list and checking it twice.

  • Israel is back in the land - check
  • Israel is surrounded - check
  • Israel is now fully a burdensome stone - check
  • Blood Moons - check
  • Eclipses - check
  • Signs in the sun, moon and stars - check
  • Seas roaring - check
  • Birds and Fish dying - check
  • The end of the generation who saw May 14th, 1948 is right on top of us - check
  • Gog and Magog are lined up - check
  • Syria and Lebanon are lined up - check
  • Jordan (moab and ammon) - soon to be ready
  • Philistia is ready (the gaza strip) - check 
  • Egypt and the Arab countries are lined up - check
  • Psalms 83 ready for fulfillment - check
  • Isaiah 17 ready for fulfillment - check
  • Jeremiah 49 ready for fulfillment - check
  • eCommerce - mark of the beast technology ready - check
  • Romans 1 perversion prophetic fulfillment - check
This is a small, hastily thrown together list.  This little doesn't begin to paint the picture of just how abundantly clear the message is to those who have read God's warning.  Amos 3:7

Arab spring, Ukraine, Fukushima, Katrina, Northridge, Greece and all the other news has been breath taking, but when you see Israel now fully and completely surrounded and on center stage I am in awe.

We will soon stand before Him face-to-face.   For some utter horror.  For many of us complete peace and joy.

Be ready.

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  1. God be w/ us that our names are written in the Book of Life,...love n thanks Gary n Greg,...see you all there!!! tony / vt.



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