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World War III

Honestly, I think it is now only conjecture to say that World War III is not underway.  Just as the world didn't recognize the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand as the beginning of World War I, so the world didn't immediately recognize the invasions of Austria and Poland as the beginnings of World War II.

The tumultuous uprisings in the Arab world that began in 2010 have only grown more tumultuous until now.  I believe the massive Arab coalition invasion of Yemen may later be seen as the beginning of World War III.  The wars and rumors of wars all across the Middle East have not been directly tied together, but now a shape is starting to form.

Already, you have:

  • Complete civil war in Libya
  • Complete civil war Syria
  • Complete civil war in Iraq
  • Complete civil war Yemen

The shape that is forming is a massive war between an Arab coalition of Sunni nations led at the moment by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, against an also massive coalition of Shiite nations and organizations led by Iran.

As Joel Rosenberg has already pointed out, exactly 10 nations have arisen with direct contributions to the Saudi war effort in Yemen.  It is not at all clear that these are the final 10 "kings", but what is clear is that the wars in the Middle East are beginning to consolidate and ultimately you have the EU and U.S. on the Sunni side and Russia on the Shiite side.  What complicates matters is that the U.S. is bombing ISIS, which is Sunni, and is also pressuring Egypt, which is also Sunni.

Ultimately the significance of this war is related to either Psalm 83, or (in my opinion more likely) Ezekiel 38-39.  The picture is still hazy, but just as ISIS was unleashed shortly after the second blood moon, I believe you will see another massive prophetic explosion after next Saturday's third blood moon.


Followers of Biblical prophecy should not be surprised in the least by these events as Jesus said they would happen (Mark 13:7; Matthew 24:6).  Even less surprising is the fact that these events are boiling over in all the nations that surround Israel.  About 10 days ago the United States, Israel's only earthly defender, finally turned her back on the Jewish state and almost every day since then a new story has broke in regards to the Obama administration's vengeance against the surrounded, New Jersey-sized country.  God will not stay silent for long.

The U.S. threatening to no longer use the veto in the UN Security Council against a Palestinian resolution will quickly bring fulfillment to this prophecy:

Zechariah 12:3: "On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves."
Joel 3:2: "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land."

In other news, the U.S. has launched its second ICBM this week as Russia has started flying bombers near EU airspace with transponders turned off.

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