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Amazing Blood Moon This Morning!

The Total Lunar Eclipse has ended and quite a sight it was!  I also discovered this morning that the blood moon occurred right near the middle of Virgo the Virgin--perhaps symbolic of the blood of Christ, which covers over His bride the Church, or symbolic of the fullness of labor, which involves blood when the baby is finally born.  It may be that the time has come.

For anyone who feels "let down", I would say now is definitely not the time to be discouraged.  We are closer than ever.  I would not expect the rapture to happen right at the moment of a sign, but I do think these astronomical events are signs from God that we are very close. Remember they are just signposts, we shouldn't get too worried when something doesn't happen right at the moment we pass a signpost, but after all, everyone here knows as well as I do that things have dramatically changed in the prophetic landscape in just the last two weeks with the Israeli elections, U.S. abandonment of Israel, Iranian deal, and more readiness towards the Third Temple. These events were literally "framed" by a solar eclipse on March 20th and the Blood Moon today.

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  1. That is right, they are all signs to verify prophesy of the Lord's second coming, however we do not know how long' BEFORE the coming of the great and glorious day' these signs will be
    'The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood BEFORE the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord' (Acts ch. 2 v. 20). The main thing is that we must be ready.
    Thank you once again for sharing.



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