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2,520 and a little light bulb moment

This blog is written in the context of a general belief that we are at the very end of the age and that 2015 may indeed hold something very significant (blood moons, Shemitah, Harbinger, etc...)


This may be old news for you, but I just learned something - or am so old I'm rediscovering.

Link to 2013 post

The link will take you to a 2013 post, which is essentially a recap of a Chuck Missler (Koinonia House) finding regarding the prophetic fulfillment of the rebirth of Israel.

In 536 BC the Israelites were allowed to return to Israel from Babylonian captivity.  A combination of Ezekiel 4, Leviticus 26:18 and Jeremiah 25:11 will lead you to conclude that the nation of Israel was punished for 2,520 years.  A careful review of the math takes you to exactly the date of Israel's rebirth on May 14th, 1948.

That in itself is plenty amazing. 


Just as Israel didn't regain the temple for another 19 years (536 bc - 19 = 517bc), they didn't regain control of the temple mount until 1967 (1948 + 19).

19 years is also one cycle of the Hebrew calendar (similar to a Gregorian calendar with 14 flavors - starts Sunday through Saturday x with/without a leap year).  Every 19 years the Hebrew calendar cycles through the variations.


Jubilee years (Shemitah) are every 7 with a crescendo every 7 Shemitah's (50th year).   From Adam to Christ was about 4000 years.  From Christ to today is about 2000 years.  This makes 6,000 years and creates 120 Super Shemitah's.

1917 (Balfour declaration) was a Shemitah, so was 1967 (Jerusalem recaptured).

1967 (6 day war + 7 = ) 1974 (+7) 1981 (+7) 1988 (+7) 1995 (7) 2002 (7) 2009 (7) 2016

However a Jewish calendar is not a Gregorian calendar.  The civil calendar begins in the fall.  The events of 2001 were actually in the next year, as was the stock market crash of 2008.  The predicted 2015 crash will also be in the Hebrew year that is largely in the gregorian year 2016.

While 1967 to 2015 sounds like 48 years - you can see it spans 49 Hebrew years. 


Check point:

Israel is back after 2,520 years.

Jerusalem reestablished after an additional 19 years.

49 more years are winding down, to what may be the final jubilee (Shemita - as widely communicated by Jonathan Cahn).


The tribulation.

7 years

7 x 360 = 2,520. (never thought about that)



Last point:

2,520 years + 19 + 49 = 6000 years = 120 Super Shemitah's = time for one last set of 7 years, followed by 1,000 years of millennial rule and rest.


p.s. - this verse is on my mind

John 4:35
You know the saying, 'Four months between planting and harvest.' But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest.

Let's be on task - Matthew 28:18-20

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