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Largest Quake in Dallas History Just Hit

4.0 hit near Mansfield.  No, this is NOT fracking.  Fracking did not do this.  Too big for fracking.  Also, why all of these quakes so suddenly in the past month or so?  Fracking has been going on for a long time.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that there are 15 fracking wells within 300 yards of the epicenter.  I'll swallow this one.  Reading over his article I think he's right, but what is interesting is that this same issue in Oklahoma ultimately led to a 5.0 and thousands of smaller quakes.  We're destroying ourselves.

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  1. many of these Dallas (Irving) - North Texas earthquakes are right in the middle of the 6.5 million inhabitants of this thing we call the "metroplex". This isn't 300 miles west in the deserts of texas where the pump jacks have a steady rhythm and the oil flows. Drilling inside of this huge population center is exceedingly rare.

  2. All one has to do is look at the USGS coordinates for the epicenter of the earthquake in Googe Earth to see that there are about 15 fracking wells within 300 yards.


  3. Agreed there is a fault line in this area and has been all of my life. Dump idea to drill and frack in a heavily populated area sitting on this known fault line.

    I suppose the answer is self explanatory, just surprised as the drilling here is so very light compared to the heavy oil production areas in other areas.

  4. The huge uptick in frack quakes in Oklahoma may be to blame for the unrest in Dallas. They'll eventually unzip the New Madrid.



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