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Trumpets Heard All Around the World

This should absolutely send shivers down your spine.  Hopefully will also encourage you to immediately get right with God.

A lot of commentators in the prophecy sphere have mentioned for the past several years these various YouTube video recordings of a "trumpet" sound being heard.  This sound has been heard all around the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.  Sometimes the sound can be heard over a 30-40 km range.  I've been aware of this, but have largely ignored it until I discovered this morning that the U.K.'s reputable Daily Mail just covered the story.

Apparently the reports started around 2008, seven years ago.  Various explanations have been offered: earthquake frequencies, HAARP, trains, aliens, etc... but they have all been largely ruled out.

After studying up on this a bit more, I think the true explanation is obvious: "if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck..."  As with all of the other signs, God is waking up His people and warning the world.  The trumpet, in particular, is the instrument associated with the end of the age.  It is the instrument that sounds from the heavens at the rapture and it is the instrument that is blown by angelic beings as God sends seven judgments upon the earth in the Book of Revelation.

Allen, TX (pretty near where I live actually):

From all over the world:

Worldwide new reports:

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  1. The word "Rapture" is nowhere in the Bible! It was made up by a severely mentally ill woman in 1832.... The Bible states very clearly in 2 Thessolanians that the anti-christ comes first setting in the Holy place pretending to be God!!! And those who believe the Rapture lie will go whoring after Satan who is the antichrist ( anti in the Greek meaning "instead of".) Ezekiel 13 warns the about the false Rapture doctrine ... Its ashame that this Rapture lie has so ramped amongst so called Christians!!!

    1. Not very fair arguments against pre-tribulationism. http://www.unsealed.org/2015/03/will-there-be-rapture.html



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