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Daniel's 69 Weeks of Years: Dual Fulfillment?

I found a fascinating article on Daniel's 69 weeks of years. If a prophetic year is indeed 360 days long, then 69 weeks of years TWICE fits perfectly both with Christ's first advent and Christ's second advent, rapture, or beginning of 70th week. Here is an excerpt:

It was stated that from the time of the giving of the command to restore and rebuild unto the coming of Messiah was to be a period of 69 sets of 7 years or 483 years. These years were Babylonian years of 360 days. This is also the length of the prophetic year as given in Revelation. Thus 483 prophetic years of 360 days is the same as 476.057 years of 365.25 days. That is 476 years and 21 days of our customary years. Either way you count the years, it equals 173,880 days.

In the case of the Jerusalem wall's first rebuilding (by Nehemiah) and Christ's first coming, the Command was given on the 1st Nisan (5th March) in 444 BC in Nehemiah 2:1 ff. When 173,880 days are added to that date, the period ends on 10th Nisan (March 30th) 33 AD. This was the Palm Sunday when Jesus presented Himself as Messiah. Jesus said that the stones in the Jerusalem wall, which Nehemiah had placed there in his building program, would cry out that He was Messiah if He silenced His disciples as the authorities demanded. The Crucifixion occurred a few days later on 14th Nisan (3rd April) 33 AD. In other words, the prophecy was fulfilled to the very day.
There may be a second part to the Daniel prophecy quoted above. Because there are two comings of Messiah, this prophecy might be like some others that have a two-fold fulfillment. This is suggested by Gabriel's words to Daniel since he said Messiah was coming to "make an end of sin and make reconciliation for iniquity". This Messiah did at His First Coming by making atonement for our sins by His death on the cross. But Gabriel also said that, in the context of the Wall of Jerusalem being built that there would be a time "to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy, and anoint the Most Holy." This has not yet happened. So this may relate directly to His Second Coming, and there may well be a two-fold fulfillment involved.
If, instead of 7 periods of 7 years and 62 periods of 7 years, we take it the other way around and have, first the 62 periods of 7 years, THEN the 7 periods of 7 years, a remarkable circumstance occurs. The 62 multiplied by 7 gives 434 years of 360 days, which is 427.76 ordinary years. It is noted that the 4 gates which have been dated were built sometime during the period 1538-1539. In particular, the construction of the Lion's Gate specifically spanned that period. (It is of interest to note that it was that gate which Israeli paratroopers stormed on 7th June 1967 and regained the Old city of Jerusalem.) What is even more surprising is that, going back 427.76 ordinary years from then, we end up with a date in 1539. That would then leave a period of 7 times 7 years of 360 days or 48.3 actual years from June 1967 to the completion of the prophecy. In that case, the completion of the prophecy, and the full stretch of 69 periods of 7 years, would end near October 2015.

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