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21 Years

In 1994, a Shemitah year, the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, a very large 3.1 mile-diameter rock slammed into Jupiter.  The main impact created a black spot nearly 7,500 miles across, releasing destructive energy equivalent to 6,000,000 megatons of TNT... approximately 600 times the destructive force of the entire nuclear arsenal on planet Earth.

What I didn't mention is that just before the comet struck Jupiter 21 years ago to the day from yesterday July 16th, it had shattered into 21 fragments.  See below:

21 Fragment Shoemaker-Levy 9

What makes this event unique, besides the comet's fragmentation, is that it was the first time humans had observed an impact on another planet and it was also the first time a comet was observed orbiting a planet instead of the sun.  A sign in the heavens if there ever was one.

Consider this event in light of The Bethlehem Star study, revealing that Jupiter (the king planet), is likely Christ's star, in addition to Jonathan Cahn's discovery of an accurate Shemitah Cycle.

If the king planet represents Christ and the comet's fragments represent years until God's judgment comes, it is pretty phenomenal that this event occurred towards the end of a Shemitah year.  Seven years later was the Shemitah year in which we witnessed September 11th and a major stock market crash.  Seven years after that was a Shemitah year and the year of the Great Recession (beginning with a 777 point crash).  And seven years (to complete the 21) brings us to this year, a Shemitah year.

The last day of the Jewish year, Elul 29, is September 12th this year.  The same day that previously witnessed 9/11 and the stock crash of 2008.

The next day is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets.

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