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30 Days of Birth Pangs - Day 14 Brutal Men

Brutal in the Greek is anemeros which means savage, fierce, wild.  In English, it is synonymous with  savage, cruel, vicious, ferocious, brutish, barbaric, barbarous, wicked, murderous, bloodthirsty, cold-blooded, callous, heartless, ruthless, merciless, sadistic;

I have a friend who knows this victim's family; 31-year-old Aaron McMahon and his father Michael McMahon were walking in their subdivision after fishing at a local pond.  A motorist, 41-year-old Anthony Rideau sped by them.  The McMahon's yelled for the man to slow down, news reports indicate that either the McMahons hit the passing car with a fishing pole or the driver hit the pole as he drove by.  Rideau stopped the car, took a tire iron, and beat Aaron to death, his father Michael was hospitalized.

There would be media uproar if the driver had been white and the victims black but stories of black on white violence don't make the national media.  Instead this story just demonstrates that men are becoming more and more brutal.

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