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For upwards of five years, prophecy watchers have been predicting likely economic collapse in September 2015.  These warnings of divine judgment stemming from the Sabbath-year cycle (Shemitah) have largely been ignored and mocked.

Yet, reader, what do you see happening right now?

As if right on queue we saw the fuse lit just a few months ago.  The bomb is about to go off:

1. Greece defaults
2. NYSE shutdown for half a day
3. Massive Chinese stock market crash
4. Puerto Rico defaults
5. Commodities crashing
6. Media stocks crashing
7. Gerald Celente goes on the record saying there WILL BE a crash before the year is over

And now let's add a few more big ones from just today (Monday 8/11 - just one month and one day to Elul 29):

8. China devalues the yuan essentially "de-pegging" it from the dollar... Dow down over 200 points
9. Oil crashing further
10. Russia economy in big trouble - prospect grim.  Heavily dependent on oil revenue.
11. Market "death cross" appears - signal/omen of previous crashes

Let's not forget that the U.S. debt ceiling has still not been raised, Greece may default again, and western central banks have utterly run out of options (interest rates are 0%, some are even negative percentages).

I truly hope you haven't put your hope in your bank account, your stocks, or your 401k.  I also hope you haven't put your hope in your silver and gold.  The Bible says they will cast these things into the streets.  Worthless.  You can't eat your gold if you and your family are starving.

There are just three things you need to do to prepare:

1. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.  Recognize your need for God's mercy and grace.  Acknowledge that this grace is found in Christ alone.

2. Demonstrate your trust in Jesus through obedience.  Baptism would be Step #1 if you have just decided to follow Jesus.  This is followed by being daily in God's Word and in prayer and in loving the brothers.  But in this be careful to remember that you don't pray, and study the Bible, and love, and do good deeds to earn your way.  You do these things because Jesus already paid the price completely and so in turn, because you believe it to be true, you can't help but be obedient.

3. Lastly, and of least importance, it would not be a bad idea to stock up on some supplies for you, your family, and your neighbors.  This would include things like water, life straws, blankets, rice, canned goods, etc.  It can't hurt.  And if nothing happens and the Lord tarries, you have lost nothing.  Just don't put your hope in these things.  Put your hope in God to deliver.  Don't go overboard and don't neglect your neighbors whose eyes are closed.


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