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Demonic Faces on the Empire State Building

Under cover of the "green movement", the Hindu Goddess Kali was projected on the Empire State Building August 9th.  Said to draw awareness to "Mother Earth" and the dangers of pollution and death of species, this demon was crowned in glory last night in NYC.  (Read More)

Demons on the Empire State Building
Indian journalists are enraptured by what they call a "breath taking" display.  Well it took my breath away, in horror.  Woe to you, Babylon your fate is sealed and you are doomed to utter destruction.

Kali is the counterpart to the god Sheva, the destroyer.  She is simply another name for the female goddess aka Ashtoreth, ISIS, Semiramis, Libertas, Jezebel, Lillith, Queen of Heaven, Mary, "Mother Nature", ect.  There is nothing new under the sun.  If you would like to learn how this demon has come down through the ages, I'd invite you to watch this video.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how obviously evil/demonic other religions' "deities" look. America, you've sealed your fate.

  2. 66 million people were killed in Russia during WWII, was it because the people were evil? NO, It is always the work of people in power,, people need to stop the blame game on Americans, Every country has it's populace that are noit morally minded, Soviet Union and China biggest aborters on the planet, and no one ever said, that EVERYONE need to answer to God for it,, it is GLOBAL , and the elite are a global team, it is just the US , that they want taken down now, we are on the chopping block cause we will not accept their Demonic way of life, despite the dumbed dwon people that go about not thinking. Remember, as far back as the thrities , the education system was changed, byu the elite and Russia , America, were on the same system, this is fact, So tired of the American people having to be told they are so immoral compared to Europe and the rest of the globe, !



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