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September 2015: A Month Which Will Live in Infamy

September 12th (Elul 29): End of Shemitah year, 7th anniversary of 2008 crash, 14th anniversary of 9/11 (in the Hebrew calendar)

September 13th (Rosh Hashanah): First day of the Feast of Trumpets, solar eclipse (sun turns black)

September 15th (Rosh Hashanah): Last day of the Feast of Trumpets, Jade Helm 15 ends, 70th session of the U.N. commences, France may submit resolution on Israel-Palestine "peace" (could be actual 7-year Covenant of Daniel 9:27) if U.S. does not veto

September 23rd (Yom Kippur): The Day of Atonement, exactly 7 weeks of years from when Israel recaptured Jerusalem (June 7th, 1967), potential jubilee begins, Iranian deal becomes law even with Congressional rejection, Obama and Pope Francis meet at White House, Pope Francis addresses Congress

September 25th: Pope Francis addresses the U.N., end of "500 days left to avoid climate chaos" (French Foreign Minister), U.N. launches Agenda 21, International Year of Light celebrated at LHC

September 28th (Sukkot): The Feast of Tabernacles, fourth and final blood moon (a red "supermoon" over Jerusalem)

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