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All It Takes For Evil to Triumph... and Other Lies We Have Believed

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." is a quote of somewhat murky origins and according to one source is the most used quote in modern times. (source)

It's a lie; a humanist lie.  Evil will triumph when God allows it to, for His purpose.  Good men could scream from the mountaintops and stand on the line ready to sacrifice their lives and if God does not bless their endeavor, evil will take the day.  We see it today, the tsunami of evil that has overtaken the world, no man is going to stop this, I don't care how good they are.

We used to believe that had we been alive during times of evil we would have fought, we would have done something - well my friends, we live in those days.  1938 Germany... except this time we are worshiping a Pope and a President and the invaders are even more horrifying than the Nazis - the Assyrians.
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  1. You will notice that that line says "good men", plural. It doesn't mean that a single man can stand up to the concerted evil being thrown at us today, but that if men who think alike, who believe in good, can and should, stand against that evil...and they can triumph. It is meant as an inspiration to those of us who do not believe in self-aggrandizement, in self enrichment, in our own ego's, but rather in what each of us can do together, for the betterment of mankind.



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