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Don't Write Cahn Off


And at the moment the Dow is down 196 points, getting awfully close to going back down below 16,000.

Remember that Cahn never predicted anything would happen on Elul 29 (only that it was a possibility).  He in fact routinely and emphatically repeated that it was unlikely anything would happen that day.  Instead, the judgment would commence around that time, and things would go downhill from there.  Just like in '08.

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  1. i wholeheartedly agree. we are watching signs of warning not predictions. examples to draw and learn from israel of the past to speak to us who are supposed to be bible reading and believing people. and september has not disappointed to show us the severe downturns in world politics and economies. the palestinian non-flag is flying high and israel is the world's whipping boy now more than ever. how long before armies surround jerusalem?????? not too far out there is it?
    actually i think the warnings are all done now. just judgment to observe from now on. cahn's message hit it's target.

    many watched but are not watching for the Lord, just their own bottom line and that is why they are missing what is clearly presented for such as time as this.
    people will have no excuse for not heeding what the Lord Jesus Himself has told us and He is speaking loudly-actually shouting-in the signs of the times we are inescapably in.

    my eyes are on the sky. to be blessedly raptured soon, yes, but for now and until then--faithfully witnessing, and patiently enduring, what is before me until that Day..............because my Savior told me to.



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