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Grace and Warning

Today shortly after the U.S. Senate confirmed the Iranian nuclear deal, a rainbow appeared over New York's Freedom tower, 1 day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11.


Was this just a coincidence?

Was this God offering more grace?

2 Peter 3:9 (NASB)
The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.
Or was this God's fair well to America?

Anger?  Brokenness?  Patience?  Longing?

Wonder sometimes if when the Saints go marching in, if God is a mix of joy, anger and heartbreak? Who can fathom the mind of The HOLY ONE?
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  1. the verse that popped into my head was habakkuk 3:2. ...O LORD, revive Thy Work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember Mercy.

    this statement is so true------------what Grace cannot humble, Judgment must befall.
    But God loves to show Mercy and in the midst of the Judgment He must bring, He will still save those who cry out to Him.
    in my devotional reading this morning from revelation 16, i was just amazed at all of the very terrible things that God was pouring out upon the wicked and they only cursed Him and did not repent. if He had not saved me i would be one of those cursing Him too. i praise the LORD that He gave me the gift of repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ so that i was saved-----broken before Him and trusting His Mercy that is found only in the Blood of His Son.

    when God is ready for us to go Home He will stand in the clouds and call us up.
    how precious the thought of Home....

    Home is JESUS.

  2. andre' - love your wisdom and insight.



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