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Hoshanah Rabba: The Last Day of Tabernacles

Worth a read over at RITAN.

We've updated our countdown to reflect the end of the last day of Tabernacles.  Sukkot will end at 10:21 AM CST on Sunday, October 4th.

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  1. I was thinking it was more like the 7th. The new moon was on the 15th. 14 days later was the 29th. Tomorrow the 30th at 10am CT would mark the end of day 1 of 7. The 6th at 10am would mark the end of 7 days. I also read something about an 8th day? Maybe my math is off.

  2. Michael Rood said the first day of Sukkot is from Sundown on 9/29 to Sundown on 9/30.


    Trying understand all of this.

  3. I think it just comes down to the debate between 1. the traditional Jewish calendar, which is based on the technical new moon, and 2. the Karaite Jewish calendar, which is based on the sighting by two witnesses of the new moon.

    From what I've heard a Biblical case can be made for both, which is why I think there is some ambiguity.

    In favor of the Karaite calendar, there is a verse that may indicate we are to "look for" the new moon.

    In favor of the traditional calendar, the technical new moon is an orderly, predictable pattern and there is no verse that says two witnesses are needed to sight a new moon.



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