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Israel's Sanhedrin Passes Judgment Against Obama & Pope Francis

As if you could add anything else to all the amazing things going on, the Biblical Sanhedrin, recently reconstituted after a nearly 2,000-year hiatus, had a number of months ago said they would put Obama and Pope Francis both on trial.

Well they reached their first verdict yesterday and found both Obama and the Pope guilty of policies that endanger Israel and the Jews.  Obviously neither showed up for the trial, but I think this might be very significant since the Sanhedrin is actually Biblically mandated by God in the Torah.

In other words, God's Biblically-mandated court in Israel has found the U.S. President and the Pope guilty of endangering His people.

There was even the blowing of silver trumpets:

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  1. THE REASON ,the son of perdition even came to power in america is AMERICANS LOVE EVIL,and OBAMA is their hero,all the way to HELL..and when he returns to POWER after Donald Trumps is killed by him,AMERICA WILL CELEBRATE HIS RETURN ,to preside over their death and destruction of america..are americans STUPID,IF stupid were airplanes,every driveway in america would look like an international airport....

  2. I watched your "word from paul video"...hes proof,somethings in the air on the coasts of america that makes people stupid,WHY DON'T YOU PUT "MIKE 444" ON YOUR VIDEO,he's worth listening to,you won't like what he says,BUT you are going to see the things he talks about happen..AND I AM NOT GUESSING ABOUT THAT...



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