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Still Watching

Watchers, watch - that's what we do.  Let's face it, sometimes being a sentry is boring, we want some action!  Thus, when somebody comes along and says, "Hey, we've got intelligence that we are going to see action on such and such a date."  It is human nature to perk up and pay attention.  Is that wrong?  No, it's prudent.  Is it sinful?  No, the Lord does not judge sin that way.  We are told over and over in Scripture to watch, take heed, and admonished that our redemption draws nigh.

Watchers on the Wall
Being a watcher today, means being aware of the arrows that are flying around us, it means seeing the dust cloud of the enemy army as it approaches, and it means realizing that even within the city walls that we are guarding the enemy is at work.  It means calling out warnings to people who are largely oblivious.  It means staying vigilant and watchful even when the intelligence was incorrect and the event we were anticipating does not occur!

In my newest series, I'll be reexamining the Fall Feasts.  Were the Fall Feasts partially fulfilled at the First Coming?  Are the Fall Feasts going to be completely fulfilled at the Second coming?  Are the Feasts of God truly only for the Jews and do not involve the church at all?  Do we see Jesus celebrating the Feasts in the New Testament?  These are all questions we are going to tackle in the series.

I'd invite you to join along!

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  1. Thank you for this Dolley! Very encouraging.

  2. Thank you for the tremendous work and encouragement



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