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The time of warning this world is over.

Interesting thoughts from Watching & Waiting over on RITAN:

"Ok, let’s be blunt here and tell it like it is. We all awaited a market collapse at the end of the Jewish year, hoping it would land on Friday of last week or on Monday, yesterday. And it didn’t. Not even close. So what happened? Did God forget us? Were we bamboozled? What exactly are we supposed to see in all of this?

In the past years, in the shemitah cycle, we have seen very symbolic drops in the market on key days. Why would God allow that cycle to be broken? Why wouldn’t He continue with this pattern?

I first had to think of His purpose of setting up this market drop pattern in the first place. It was as WARNINGS. Warnings to an unbelieving world that He is giving us more time. He always gives time to repent.

So why no more pattern? No more warnings needed. The time of warning this world is over. The time for judgment is here."

I would add though, that this year's Shemitah was anything but silent: unprecedented sandstorm engulfing the entire Middle East, lightning striking Mecca, rainbow directly on Freedom Tower, China stocks sinking 6% in two days, Iran deal passing, unprecedented wildfires in California, unprecedented flooding in Japan, and on and on.

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