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The Second Decree To "Restore And Build Jerusalem"

Tim at RITAN found further evidence that the actual decree to restore Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25) to its rightful owner occurred on June 28, 1967: see here.  Here is the quote from The Palestinians: In Search of a Just Peace:

"On June 28, 1967, Israel's interior minister signed a decree extending Israeli law to East Jerusalem and enlarged the municipal boundaries by twenty-eight square miles..."

What today is called "East Jerusalem" is what encompasses almost the entirety of Biblical Jerusalem, including the walled-Old City, the Temple Mount, Mount Zion, the Mount of Olives, etc.  So to make this abundantly clear: On June 28th of the year 1967 the formal decree restoring Biblical Jerusalem to its rightful owners (the Jewish people) was signed.  Make of that what you will.

This is in reference to the Surprise Watch Date post below.

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  1. June 28th 1967 + 49 years each 360 days long = October 14th, 2015. Humm...

    1. That's correct. The Iran nuclear deal was confirmed on that day. The bible does not say what the covenant confirmed with many is nor who confirms it with the antichrist. If you count forward from there 1260 days plus 1290 days you come to the Day of Atonement 2022. You can read more and contact me through www.62cutoff.com



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