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Whose Side Are You On

My entire life and the entire life of the US, we always knew who the good guys were.  We never claimed to be perfect and admittedly we made mistakes but not being perfect is not the same as not being good.  The famous quote is that "America is great because she is good.  If she ever ceases to be good she will cease being great."  We have reached this sad day, degree by degree, inch by inch, year by year; we have fallen.

From the surface, Putin is the good guy.  Moving in to get the job done and proclaiming to the American people that the US hasn't been fighting anyone; we have been deceived.  He might be right.  The sad thing is, that there is a distinct possibility that he is and that means that the side of good and righteousness is not on the side of the US and that is disturbing.

The players wear different masks, there is no certainty.  Only in the Word of God do we find discernment and understanding.  Firmly grounded in the book, firmly grounded in Christ and having a strong foundation in faith; only then will you avoid deception and know what is right.
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  1. Amen Dolley. Amen. Truth comes from God alone. Stunning how many confuse this and have more allegiance to their flag, political ideology, hobby, ethnicity...



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