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If True, We Are On The Verge Of Isaiah 17

First, news from a couple months ago that ISIS is now engaging in street battles near downtown Damascus.

And now this utterly shocking, breaking news from Debka, that Russia has LEVELED a city of 60,000 mere miles from the Golan border and is in the process of LEVELING another city of 25,000:

"Nawa is a city of 60,000 residents in southern Syria, west of the city of Darra and 15 kilometers east of the Israel-Syria border on the Golan. That is to say, Nawa was a Syrian city, but it does not exist anymore.
DEBKAfile's military sources report that from Saturday until Monday, November 21-23, Russian bombers wiped the city off the face of the earth. All that remains are ruins. The streets are full of bodies of people and animals that nobody bothers to remove. Almost nobody is left in the abandoned city, as those who were able to flee have done so, and the unknown number of people who remained in Nawa were killled in the Russian bombing. Another Syrian city that the Russian air force has been systematically destroying during the last few days is Sheikh Maskin, which has 25,000 residents and is located near the border with Israel.

At the pace that the Russians are operating, it can be assumed that they will finish wiping the city off the face of the earth by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Sunday in a Chinese television interview that the country's situation changed after the Russian air force joined the war, and that the Syrian military is now advancing on all fronts. It was a diplomatic way of referring to the total destruction of cities and settlements being carried out by the Russian air force. Instead of battles, there is total destruction, with no way of measuring the human cost that the civillian population is paying. And nobody in Israel or anywhere else in the world is speaking up about it."

What if Russia is the nation that fulfills Isaiah 17, and Ezekiel 38 follows quickly after?

Another report from today gave an inside look at Putin's War Room, which is buried somewhere deep under Moscow.  This guy is personally overseeing the Syrian operation.  Below you can see Putin near the middle of the second level, of the three-floored War Room:

I keep saying this contraction isn't over.  Not by a long shot.  Keep looking up brothers and sisters.


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