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I've Never Seen News Like This

We've been blogging on Unsealed.org for about five years, and I'm seeing stories just today the likes of which we've never seen before:

U.N. Security Council passes unanimous resolution just days ago calling on ALL NATIONS to join fight against ISIS in Syria.  Understand that according to the borders God set for Israel in the Bible, most of Lebanon and a large portion of Syria (including the Golan Heights) are part of what God considers to be Israel.  Trust me when I say that God's vote counts the most.  So when you hear ALL NATIONS are being invited to join the war against ISIS, this is technically Northern Israel.  They are setting their feet on God's covenant land.  This resolution is not merely asking for financial support and diplomatic support, but actual, direct military involvement:

"The council resolution 'calls upon member states that have the capacity to do so to take all necessary measures ... on the territory under the control of Isil [Isis]' "

As Greg pointed out in the "Escalation" post below, we are on the brink of a shooting war between Russia and NATO after Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter jet.  Breaking news that Putin is livid and just ordered the Turkish embassy in Moscow to be evacuated within 24 hours.

Russia is flattening ENTIRE CITIES in Syria: Nawa and Sheikh Maskin, and now they've begun on Raqqa with 75 sorties and Kalibr cruise missiles... these bombings are on the level of Dresden in 1945

U.S. bombers destroy 283 oil trucks in Syria

Actual Russian boots on the ground... engaging in combat

Israel bombing runs over the Gaza Strip just hours ago

2015 mass animal deaths absolutely off-the-chart... unlike anything since the Global Flood... See Hosea 4:1-3

United Nations set to pass a slew of anti-Israel resolutions (either yesterday or next Monday)

Third Intifada stabbing violence in Israel is surging

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