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Ecologic collapse continues

Unsustainable is a theme song around here.

Debt, Ecology, Population, Nukes, War, Terror and on and on...

Many are so numb that they just march on, assuming it'll all be okay.  Nothing I can do...  Whatever... Blah Blah Blah....

Well you're right there's nothing much you can do, but you can be smart enough to realize collapse is imminent, God is not going to leave His children here in an impossible situation and repentance and becoming one of God's protected children is a really really good idea.

Some news from today.

World's largest whale beaching / death "apocalyptic" - link

Fukushima radiation increasing in the Pacific.  Thought they said not to worry, it would dissipate. Now 4+ years later the levels are increasing.  Makes since multiple reactors melted into the earth's core and millions of gallons of irradiated water flows into the Pacific every day and won't stop for millennia (no way to fix this).  Ecologic food chain collapse underway + thyroid cancer + leukemia on the rise - link

Fukushima unstoppable - link

West Coast children at risk - link

Repent.  Call to Him and He will answer...

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