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Abiding Until He Comes

Terrorism, lawlessness, disasters, corruption, scandal; Unsealed.org covers this everyday.  I am old enough to remember when any one of the hundreds of items we've covered here could dominate the news cycle for weeks, today if they last more than a day they are epic.  As the days approached to the Fall Feasts in 2015, I coped very well.  I figured this is what is prophesied and we just had to hold out a bit longer and then we'd be out of here!  It's January 1st, 2016 and we are still here but the world is even crazier.  So how do God's people keep encouraged during the approach of the darkest times in world history?

We have to fellowship with one another; now you have to find like minded people (which is a post in and of itself) to share with.  I have a couple of discussion groups that I belong to and appreciate their support and encouragement.  If you can find a local church that supports you and feeds you, even better.

Filter how much you let in.  The truth is that the world is rapidly declining, there is nothing you can do about it in the macro so do not fill your mind and your spirit with troubling images day after day.  This is particularly important with the Presidential Parade and the scandal of the day in Washington DC.

Take that energy and devote it to increased prayer time.  Stay deep in the Word of God.  Stay faithful to your calling and your mission, share the Good News.  He's coming, He promised.
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  1. Christ came so that we might life and have it abundantly. I hear what your saying about your mind being flooded with the chaotic and dark events taking place on a daily basis. I was led to get rid of more worldly influence by dumping all the music I had in my truck and exchanged it with the New Testament on cd. I spend a lot of time driving to and from jobs and that time is more time being used to flood my mind with his precious word. With me it seems God does things last minute when he pushes me to be on course. If that is any indication as to just how late it is then, man it's late. Put that into context with what is going on in the world and I'm on the edge of my seat. However God is patient not wanting any to perish and I take comfort in that and when I'm with my daughter laying on the ground at the farm by our house looking at the stars and the vastness of space I tell her it's like looking at the vastness of His mercy. He said not to be alarmed because all of these things have to happen before the end. Regardless of what happens or when we can rest assured that He is going to finish the good work he began in us and I know that God means what He says and He keeps his promises.

    1. beautiful comment Tim!blessen's brother, this is tony in VT

    2. God bless you as we'll brother! I'm in jersey. Wouldn't mind Vermont. I told my wife once the kids move out let's move to Maine. She's not cool with that... Lol! One verse to remember in these last days is proverbs 3:5-6! Be at peace man He is in complete control

  2. Dolley - spot on. Grateful for your wisdom. I needed the reminder tonight. As my house and transportation have been made unliveable or destroyed this week, I've been pushed back up into investing in this world. Not something I wanted to do. Amazing how fast a distraction can change your focus.


    He is coming soon.

    1. I will pray for you brother. We too have dealt with difficult situations over the years we have lived here as we live on a river and in between the base of 2 mountains we have had flooding and flash flooding. God has blessed me with many abilities and I have been able to restore what we have and keep it livable for my family. I'm sorry for your situation I know it is a difficult one but everything you see around you is temporary but what is coming will be so much better.

    2. That is awful about your house and car! Prayers for this situation in Jesus' name.

    3. That is awful about your house and car! Prayers for this situation in Jesus' name.



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