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Asteroid TX68: March 5th, 2016

I don't often report on the many comets and asteroids that pass by earth.  Too much hype in my humble opinion for objects routinely many millions of miles away even at their closest approach.

However, this one, asteroid TX68, is very noteworthy, because estimates are saying that on March 5th (less than two months away) it will pass within 15,000 miles of earth - maybe within 3,000 miles.  This means an impact with earth is actually very, very possible.

The asteroid is estimated to be about 55-meters in diameter and to weigh 200,000 tons.  It's impact would be on par with the Tunguska Event of 1908.  In other words, if it hit New York or New Jersey or Japan or southern England or any number of other heavily-populated areas, tens of millions could perish.

It also makes one wonder if the destruction of Damascus could be due to this asteroid rather than all of the nuclear weapon speculation.

Time will tell.  Pray!


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