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Official Registration Begins For Aaronic Priests - Third Temple Closer Than Ever

The Third Temple is now closer than ever.  The Temple Institute has begun compiling a list and preparing an official registry of all Israeli men eligible for priestly service based on Aaronic lineage and Levitical purity.  It is downright astonishing this is actually happening.

Brothers and sisters, the stuff we used to read about in the Old Testament is coming back into fruition after nearly 2,000 years.

A country called Israel hasn't existed since around 700 BC when Assyria destroyed it and Judah and Benjamin were all that remained.

  • But now a country called Israel exists again.
  • And there is a Sanhedrin again.
  • And the tribes, though mixed, are back in the land again.
  • And there are actual Aaronic priests and Kohanim again.
  • And the Sabbath day and Shemitah years are observed again.
  • And many of the laws, regulations, and observances of the Torah have been restored again.
  • And virtually everything is ready for the Third Temple.

All of these things have come together despite great opposition over the past 68 years.  That is only in the length of a single generation.  Surely we will see it all come to completion in that same generation.  THIS generation.

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  1. Seriously - if you sat down with John the Revelator, explained that 2 millennia had passed, explained the state of the world, the diaspora, the reunification, May 14th 1948, the 6 day war 19 years later, the increase of knowledge, the babel/globalization, the population, drought, famine, war, rumors of war, the debt/economic collapse imminent, good - evil, evil - good, the rise of the green sickly Islamic horse, the apathy, the lukewarm church, the godless society, the persecution of Jews and Christians, the technology, space travel, air travel, global satellite communication, weapons, nukes and a reminder of John 4 (after 2 days I will return) or Hosea (after 2 days He will come) or 2 Peter 3 (a day is as a thousand years) and the words of Matthew 24 (when you see these things...) - what would He tell you?

  2. Spot on! There can be no doubt at this point. This is it and we are oh so close. It's now a rescue operation in its very last minutes.



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