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As I continue my personal research into the possibility of Donald Trump being an antichrist candidate, a number of alarm bells are beginning to go off.

One of the most disturbing things I've found yet is this article describing the involvement of the church (little 'c') in Hitler's meteoric rise to power in Germany leading up to 1933.  I'm astounded by some of the incredible similarities, for example:

1. It was well known that Hitler despised Christianity yet he recognized he couldn't come to power without Christian support since Germany was nominally a Christian-majority country.  As a result he promised the church (again, little 'c') his protection and even that he would restore the church to a place of prominence in Germany... which in fact he did for a short time.  Under the Wiemar Republic the church had been kicked to the sidelines and out of the public sphere, just as has happened to the American church.  But instead of turning to God for a solution and praying for the country to repent, a large plurality of German Christians turned to the machinations of a madman to restore their political fortunes.  In other words, restored political power without repentance.  Hitler gave them what they wanted... for a time.  But in November 1933 the Nazi infiltrators in the church revealed their true intentions in a convention with 20,000 attendees.  They declared the Old Testament and the writings of Paul to be heresy, they rejected the existence of sin and the fallen nature, and instituted "positivist" and "nationalist" Christianity, which leads to point #2, but please first watch this video from one Donald Trump promising to protect Christians and Christianity:

2. Hitler had always seen traditional Christianity and the crucified Christ as weak and obstacles to Aryan nationalism, so his Nazi conspirators had managed to replace the historic Protestant faith in Germany with "German Christianity", a non-Christian religion that cast Christ not in the traditional role of suffering servant, but instead as conquering Aryan warrior.  Paul, the Old Testament, and any Jewish references were removed from the Bible.  The existence of sin was quite literally denied in lieu of a "positivist" Christianity of nationalism and patriotism (compare to Trump's "Christian" pastor and mentor the Gospel-denying universalist Norman Peale who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking).  This historical fact is shocking when you hear Donald Trump, who loudly claims to be a Christian, categorically deny the need for repentance and acknowledgement of sin, which is rudimentary Christianity 101:

3. Lastly, there are more obvious similarities between Trump and Hitler, especially in regards to extreme nationalism and racism.  Joel Rosenberg over at Flash Traffic Blog details some shocking facts about this including the breaking news that Trump has now refused for the third time to denounce David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.  Rosenberg also recalls quotes from Trump himself supporting heavy-handed, violent, Nazi-like tactics against political opponents.

We will be closely watching Trump and praying for the church and Church to wake up.  In future posts, God-willing, I will compare the man Donald Trump to the Biblical requirements for antichrist to see if there might be something to this, after all.

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  1. Donald Trump the Antichrist?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? lolololol!!!
    Dude I really thought you knew prophecy better than that by all the aritcles you write. HE DONT EVEN COME CLOSE to the prophecies about the ANTI_-Christ. So whats your deal?? Are you a real Christian or is this one of those FAKE Christian Conservative web sites that the government is funding now??

  2. Please calm down, both of you. If you're following Bible prophecy I'm assuming that indicates you would claim the Christian faith. Unfortunately that is not evident by either of your comments.

    We can agree to disagree without disparaging one another. Christianity 101, for goodness sakes.

    And besides, I never said Trump was the antichrist. I said I'm researching to see if he belongs on the shortlist. He certainly fits some of the basic requirements. Chief braggart, deceptive, disregarding of women, European and very possibly some Roman ancestry, too.

  3. Yes as Gary mentioned, please do calm down for goodness sake.

  4. I think you could be on to something. As for your other commentators they should be aware that God uss the foolish things to confound the wise. They might want to excercise humility



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