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Prophecy Of The Presidents

Names have meanings.  You may be familiar with the story that is told through the names of the Biblical patriarchs (see here).  A fellow watcher over at the Daily Crow has discovered you can similarly tell a story by stringing together the meanings of U.S. presidents' names.  Here is what they mean, in order, when you put them all together:

"Hunt and farm the land. God is gracious and has shown favor to man whom He created out of the earth especially the twin son nation. Jehovah has gifted the descendants of Jacob (grafted in Gentiles) but from the mouth of Roe they would rebel. God has bestowed grace on the land and has shown favor to the inhabitants of the land of the brave. The war began small but The House Ruler protected the homes. God’s favor has allowed you to contribute to His work, from the secession out of a small hill came great glory. God remembers and cuts off but the gracious and brave will be exalted. The Land Owner was pierced so that man could be free and of noble birth.

The descendants of Jacob have My word and because of the faith of Abraham you may drink of living water. God’s grace and favor was shown through the Son of Man. The exalted brother grew great and has become hated among the nations. Though you pioneered and sprouted up in the land with much water, you turned to mythological gods and will be destroyed by fire. The usurpers can be found laced with triangles among a field of spears. The camp of the noble and courageous, dwell in harmony as a group of trees on a cliff. The Son of my right hand is the Ruler of the House. The Son is resolute, mighty in battle and clothed in white. God’s gift is His love.

The noble watchman is unwavering but the Lord protects the homestead. Your dwellings have a head covering of protection from the Son. The wild animals will receive just recompense and in that day they will say the Son is firm. Your human wisdom has left you naked. The Bright Illustrious Warrior is the Landowner. The Land Owner has granted freedom through His love to be born of noble birth, He is the Light of the world. Trust no man, especially the one who claims to rule the house there is but One Ruler. Be sober, for the day fast approaches when He who comes to rule with the rod of iron will appear.

God has shown favor even to the sons who descend from the ugly (offensive, disgusting) head (chief, principle). God revealed His grace through His Son, though nations sprout up and die and the murderer kills, He heals all wounds. The powerful leader (beast) will break many into pieces but His people will know victory. The famed ruler (son of perdition) is a wolf and he stands at the river crossing. Don’t resist, surrender and hitch your wagon to The Morningstar, The King of Kings. Be fully clothed in the armor of God as you toil in labor, out of the thicket comes your Bright Illustrious Warrior to deliver. A son (of perdition) will come to establish a peaceful pledge and offer protection. Be fully clothed in the armor, so the thorns and thick brush does not hinder your labor. The handsome man appears good and beautiful but is crooked and bends his words."

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