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Watch Carefully: Rise Of A Revived Roman Empire?

Prophecy watchers have been pouring over news the past several years to see which of the two theories will play out in regards to the form the antichrist's kingdom will take.  Will it be in line with tradition - a revived Roman Empire (R.R.E.), or, will the theory of Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat play out: an Islamic caliphate?

Perhaps it could end up being some hybrid of both.  In any case, there is breaking news that the E.U. and Turkey may be on the verge of a historic agreement that would, in theory, halt the flow of migrants into Europe, and secondly, quickly bring Turkey into the E.U..

Essentially, Erdogan is promising desperate E.U. leaders that he will halt all migrant traffic if they pay him six billion euros, fast-track Turkey's entrance into the Schengen Zone, and proceed with Turkey's move towards full E.U. membership, which had been put on hold for the past several years.

So far it appears E.U. leaders are taking this hook, line, and sinker.

We should find out how much traction this plan gains in a week or two have mid-March summit.

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