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Jeremiah 49 inching closer to fulfillment

Reuters - Russia building up in Aleppo.

-- related ABC News, NY Times, Yahoo News

Remember a month ago when Putin announces Russia's departure from Syria?

Newsweek - March 22nd.

Well according to Reuters and a number of source, he of course and the Russian military haven't left.

Over the last few years many have watched with great intensity the destruction of Syria, as the destruction of Damascus (the capital), Hamath and Arpad (near Aleppo) have been predicted thousands of years in advanced (prophesied).

Jeremiah 49:23-27 (NLT)

This message was given concerning Damascus. This is what the Lord says:

“The towns of Hamath and Arpad are struck with fear,
    for they have heard the news of their destruction.
Their hearts are troubled
    like a wild sea in a raging storm.
Damascus has become feeble,
    and all her people turn to flee.
Fear, anguish, and pain have gripped her
    as they grip a woman in labor.
That famous city, a city of joy,
    will be forsaken!
Her young men will fall in the streets and die.
    Her soldiers will all be killed,”
    says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.
“And I will set fire to the walls of Damascus
    that will burn up the palaces of Ben-hadad.”

Isaiah 17 (also predicts the fall of modern day Jordan, in the references to Ammon and Moab)

This message came to me concerning Damascus:

“Look, the city of Damascus will disappear!
    It will become a heap of ruins....

This article help us understand the links between the cities referenced in Jeremiah 49 with the modern city of Aleppo - link

The correlation between the Bible prophets and the stories in today's headlines are stunning.  The destruction of Damascus and Aleppo are by all indications imminent.  Will this be the start of the major prophetic fulfillments that will define the end of this two millennium church age or will it happen shortly thereafter?  We don't know, but there seem to be a series of dominos that are lined up and ready to fall.

Psalms 83 and perhaps the tie in to the Six day war in 1967 is another good related study.

We must be very close to The Rapture of the church and the commencement of the 7 year tribulation (hell on earth, very literally).

Be ready.

Tell someone.


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