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Obama Says We Are Living In The Most Peaceful Era In Human History

The same man who wants to make 'peace' between Israel and the Palestinians (by dividing God's covenant land, and giving it to Israel's enemies), says we are living in the most peaceful era ever.

He couldn't be further from the truth.  For three key reasons we can assuredly say we are actually living in the most violent, least peaceful time in human history:

1. Likely more simultaneous armed conflicts than at any time in the past.  There are currently 54 armed conflicts around the globe.

2. Abortion.  This is always conveniently factored out when voices such as Obama and Kerry speak of global peace.  Yet unborn children are no less children than those who have been born.  They are persons.  We typically associate mass loss of life with large global wars, but that is no longer the case.  Since 1973 nearly 1.5 billion have been murdered around the world through abortion and now every year nearly as many are killed from abortion as died in all of World War Two.  Every.  Single.  Year.  If you've read Revelation then the number 1.5 billion should give you pause.  It isn't far off from the number killed during the Tribulation in Revelation 6:8 or Revelation 9:15.

3. Global terrorism.  This is essentially an unprecedented historical development.  Instead of  just formal armed conflicts between states, you now have armed individuals actively targeting civilians based solely on ideology, and this is happening all over the world.

"...by peace he will destroy many..." (Daniel 8:25)

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  1. Don't know what fantasy land our dear leader lives in but it is not the reality he and the rest of Washington has created for the rest of us to live in.



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