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The Abolitionists

A Facebook item caught my eye tonight.  A one night movie is coming out in mid-May.

The Abolitionists

A story about a few who are working to end sex trafficking and slavery.

Wikipedia lists 60-70 organizations that are working to combat sex trafficking and slavery.  I personally have a strong affinity towards the International Justice Mission (IJM) and I can recommend them as good stewards of your resources.

IJM is not why I sat down to post this message.

I guess I'm stepping back a little at this age and trying to look at the larger story.  What is God doing and what should I be doing?

Well God loves justice, widows and orphans.  He loves integrity. Righteousness and much more.  He loves those who step up for others and He certainly has a great heart for the oppressed and suffering.

It is only God's great mercy and grace that has stayed the hand of His soon coming wrath, fury and rod of iron justice.

I suppose I'm not surprised, but still saddened that this topic of sex trafficking is not more in the forefront of our global culture.  This little movie has only a one night showing.

It's not the first to highlight the topic.

The weight of the numbness and deafness in this world to real world disasters, sin, injustice, perversion, danger and the utter impossibility of life on this planet being sustainable, but for a short time longer is still stunning to me.

How much more graphic does it half to get?  How much more heart wrenching, before the world rises up and says "no more"?  (proves God right when God said "man's heart is evil from his youth")

  • Abortion - something like 60 million and climbing in the U.S. alone.
  • Sex Slaves - 2 million +
  • Nuclear proliferation - so many we've lost several
  • North Korea - firing ICBMs
  • Japan's Fukushima reactors are beyond all hope and millions of gallons of radioactive water pours into the ocean day after day
  • E. Coli, Ebola, SARS, AIDS/HIV, Zika and all the other pestilences roll on - with our mass produced food the reality of food shortages and more pandemics is unstoppable
  • Terrorism - More is coming, it will not slow down
  • Debt - Off the charts by light years, impossible to stop, political will to fix it is non-existent.  Near term global financial collapse is an absolute certainty.  EU implosion.  Greece/Spain/Ireland...
  • Earthquakes - seemingly on the rise.
  • Honesty and civility among people is rolling out like the tide.
  • Truth and a Moral compass is waning quickly.
  • World resource saturation - 7,300,000,000 billion people and growing.
  • 54 armed conflicts in the world right now and more are coming.
  • Political polarization is at new heights.
  • Drought.
  • Bee deaths
  • Fish, Birds and Marine life dying at a massive rate
  • Global warming and the inability for anyone of the world's governments to take seriously the cost and necessity of turning this around.
  • The ocean's garbage patches.
  • Oil
  • Israel
  • Jerusalem
  • The Temple Mount
  • The Burdensome Stone
  • Hezbollah
  • Iran - has the bomb and now the S-300
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • Psalms 83
  • Isaiah 17
  • Jeremiah 49
  • 1 Corinthians 15
  • Matthew 24
  • Israel is back in the land.  The fig leaf blossomed 68 years ago
  • The 6 day war was a long time ago - 49 years ago.
  • After 2 days I will revive you (Hosea 6:2) - 2,000 years since Christ's departure.
  • John 4 (He stayed with the gentiles for 2 days).
  • 'A day is as a thousand years'
  • Asteroids/Meteors
  • Blood Moons
  • Shemitah 
  • 'The bricks have fallen'
  • Former House Speaker sentenced to prison today for molestation


Does any of this or even all of it together cause anyone to stop and realize this world mess cannot end well?  Is it not obvious this is all converging into a massive fireball and train wreck just as God's Word foretold?

If so, repent!
If you've repented, then share what you have been given with great joy, because we are not appointed unto wrath.
Rescue someone in bondage and trafficking, whether it be with an organization like IJM or thousands of others.  GET BUSY!

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