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Evangelism's Last Hours

My Dad had a theory that right before the Rapture there would be no one sitting on the fence.  People would have either chosen Christ or rejected Him, there will be no Double Minded Men.  When you consider the Scriptures and the Prophecies, I believe he was right.  Anytime in the last 15 years when I've wept before the Lord, lamenting the fact that we are still here, I'd always recognize that the Bride of Christ was not yet complete.

Have you tried to witness to anyone lately?  The intransigence of those who have rejected Christ is supernatural.  That tells me that the hour is upon us.  We must overcome whatever is stopping us and share!

The Kingdom of Heaven vs. this World
I was praying several weeks ago and the Scripture that came to mind was, "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17)."

It was then that I conceived a series that depended not on my writing but on His Word.  It was designed to reach unbelievers, I called it the 30 Day Jesus Challenge.  The series asks unbelievers for one minute a day for thirty days, just one minute.  It is formatted to make an impact on social media and I'd invite you all to make the commitment to your unsaved friends and family by sharing it.

The hour is late friends, we don't have much time.  Every believer must ask themselves, "Have I done all that I can to tell people about Christ?".  Have I poured out my heart and soul to give people the Good News?  When you stand before the Lord to give an account, will it be credited to you that you shared Christ with those that you could?
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  1. Your dad is a wise man and his daughter is a faithful witness.

  2. My friend and myself have been going out into the streets for about twenty eight years evangelizing with leaflets that contain poems that the Lord gave us and scriptures. We find that many people are drawn to the Lord, but they are not drawn to many churches. We think that is because many churches are not operating according to the instructions given in the scriptures and we believe that it is the time of the wheat and the tares where many of the 'pastors' and 'elders' are man appointed and not God appointed.

    1. It's interesting you mention the wheat and tares. That parable has been on my heart a lot lately and I'm thinking about doing a post on it. I think it is a prophecy we now see nearing completion.

  3. Yes, the wheat and the tares are about the 'Kingdom of Heaven', so it is very important that believers are not deceived. It is always in my mind, whatever is being preached and done in churches, what my dad said when my siblings and I had disagreements and we would ask him who was right. He would say 'Let's see what the Lord says'.
    That is good that you are thinking of writing on this subject, I shall be interested in reading it.

  4. "My Dad had a theory that right before the Rapture there would be no one sitting on the fence. People would have either chosen Christ or rejected Him..."

    This line hit me like a bolt of lightning, because it resonates so strongly with something that occurred to me in the spring of 2012. I genuinely feel I was given a word from the Lord right along these lines--it was short, clear, and essentially the *exact* same message. I felt led to write an article about it on my website, and it can be found here if anyone is interested:




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