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Social Justice Warriors Want Captain America to be Gay

Earlier today, SJWs on Twitter managed to get their demands for a gay Captain America to trend.

Here's an article:

It turns out that Elsa isn't the only character that Twitter wants to play matchmaker with.

After the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend took off not too long ago, another like-minded hashtag surfaced, this time centering around Marvel's Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. Rogers already has a love interest as of Captain America: Civil War, that being Sharon Carter (Agent 13), but there are many who would still like to see the character with another hero in particular.

alice ‎@buckbcrnes
 because you don't oppose 117 nations just for "a childhood friend"

kate ‎@dandelionanakin
 because this is too important to be ignored

Some of the best responses are included below (via USA Today), but if he were to have a boyfriend, it is pretty much unanimous that it would be Bucky. Some really valid points are made, including the fact that he took on the government, Hydra, and his own team to protect him, and that closeness could extend past friendship.

For Actor Chris Evans, it wasn't something that ever really occurred to him while playing the part (via The Flickering Myth), but he did admit to being awfully distracted by Bucky actor Sebastian Stan. Must be the hair.

I was actually aware of this campaign in the morning, but didn't expect it would actually generate news articles. It happens so frequently and is so transparent you would think the media would be ignoring it at this point, but they're in on the agenda too.

The thing about these "let's make this super hero gay" campaigns is that 99.99 percent of everyone calling for it doesn't actually read or watch Super Hero stuff anyway. We're talking about the most neurotic people on Earth who are literally offended by everything. These are the people I met at university who would randomly tell me that they wished their own parents would die. These people merely keep pushing and pushing their bizarre agenda to the point that they manage to convince major companies that they actually represent some kind of mainstream consensus. Then that company, utterly deceived, panders to these people only to see their sales plummet. The social justice warriors don't care since they don't read comic books anyway. They read Mother Jones and complain about their therapists. (I'm not joking. I've met a large number of them.)

There are dozens of gay super heroes already, it's just that none of them are very good or as popular as the "white cisgender males" like Superman or Batman. Well, Superman reads like Super-Obama lately--which doesn't seem to be very well received-- but they're planning to kill him and replace him with the classic Superman version anyway. (In the DC universe, classic and "modern" Superman are two distinct individuals.) The obvious reason: sales are awful.

Let's face it. Teenage boys--which is what these comic books are geared to-- don't want to read about a gay Captain America or a social justice Superman, no matter how much the cultural Marxists shove this material down their throat. That's why sales of both DC and Marvel Comics have been plummeting, while their relatively unmolested (by social justice ideology) films are the only things making substantial money now.

The only positive thing to take away from this is that the in-your-face agenda pushing has served to only drive away the viewing public. Perhaps we've reached a point of saturation where all the old methods of social subversion, which have successfully made gay marriage an acceptable thing for half the country, are now starting to backfire like never before. Only time will tell for sure.

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