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The Be-All And End-All Sermon Series On Speaking In Tongues

This is an absolute must watch two-part sermon series for any Believer wondering about the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.  Pastor Todd Wagner dives deep into the Scriptures to see what God's Word reveals:

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  1. Hi Gary,

    I read the transcript from Todd Wagner's sermon about speaking in tongues, and from his sermon it looks like that he don't believe in praying in tongues as a private prayer language but rather only the language of man (the language of another nation different from us). And since you endorse his sermon surely you have same belief with him. His explanation on the Acts event is surely interesting. But I'm rather disappointed in these 3 things :

    1. that he address the 'pray in the spirit' verse as 'pray the Word of God' because it has no basis at all from the Bible that pray in the spirit means pray the Word of God

    2. that he said that the gift of tongues is unnecessary, unfortunately he didn't address this verse from 1 Cor 14:4 Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies themselves, but the one who prophesies edifies the church. If speaks in tongue edifies ourselves, how can it be unnecessary? If speak in tongue is not a private prayer language and instead only us speaking the language of man we don't know of, how can it edifies ourselves?

    3. he says that when Paul said about the language of angels, he dismissed it as Paul speaking in hyperbole. Doesn't this inconsistent with your stance on literal hermeneutic? that we have to read the bible as literal as possible? What if what Paul means is really the language of angels that are unknown to man?



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