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Venezuela About to Collapse?

Here is an interesting article by SBS reporting on what seems to be the impending collapse of the Venezuelan government. Military forces were deployed over the weekend to protect against an alleged invasion from the United States, but is actually about the mass discontent that has arisen due to the destruction of their economy. 

The article blames falling oil prices, but the fact of the matter is, Venezuela's oil industry--like everything else in that country--is so inefficient that they can't even service the needs of Venezuela let alone make a profit by selling abroad.

From SBS:

Troops have been deployed around Venezuela’s capital of Caracas and in ‘every strategic region’ this weekend during the country’s largest ever military exercise.
The government claims the exercises are in response to the threat of invasion from the United States, but the real reason for the government’s state of emergency declaration is likely much closer to home.
For over a year now, Venezuelans have been suffering under an ever deepening economic and political crisis.
Bare supermarket shelves are common. Vital medicines are in short supply. Crime is rising. Blackouts occur daily. To save electricity, the government asked public sector workers to only show up on Mondays and Tuesdays - and this could soon extend to private companies as well.
All this in one of the largest oil producing nations on earth.
The president, outnumbered by opposition parties, faces violent protests and a push for new elections. A March poll showed more than 60% of Venezuelans think Mr Maduro should resign or be removed.

Also of great interest: Daniel Duquenal, an anti-Chavista activist, predicted on the 17th that a coup could happen at any time, and also noted that the regime is likely planning to withhold food as a means for controlling the population:
One of the worrisome ones is that PSUV committee for food distribution control, CLAP of recent creation, will have power to collaborate with army and police for public order. Translation : civilians from Maduro political party will become gauleiters directing armed folks to control non chavista folks, in particular those demanding a recall election. From denial of food to outright repression is how it will work.
The situation is extremely bad in Venezuela, but could get a lot worse.
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